Epiphany, Epiphany Project, EpiphanyChannel.com, wha?

It was pointed out to me that some people might just stumble upon the EpiphanyChannel Blog and have no idea what it is.  Oh.  I don’t know why but I assumed that everyone would only come to this blog via the website – shows you how well-versed I am in the world of blog – SO, in case you have stumbled upon this blog having no idea what EpiphanyChannel.com is or who I am…here is the trailer about the Epiphany Project and book for your viewing pleasure.  All of these interviews have been conducted ‘guerilla style’ with just me, my camera and these amazing people who have shared their greatest epiphanies in life with me and you can go see, hear and read about them on the website (and the quality of the video is much better there, too)…I have done other interviews for the book that weren’t filmed, and there are more filmed ones coming – some are still being edited, and some are lined up to film as I write this – so keep coming back and stay tuned! (and please go check out the website and share your stories and suggestions if you are so inclined!  I’d especially love to know whose greatest epiphanies in life you’d like to know about…)

Thanks and have a good one!

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Elise Ballard is the author of Epiphany! a book of inspirational stories, aha moments and exclusive interviews from Random House Publishing
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