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Of course I saw Julie and Julia opening weekend (see blog 7/30)…Makes me want to wear pearls and listen to old standards and even – gasp – cook! or eat rather…you come out of the theatre practically salivating and dreaming about what you’re going to eat next…

It is about love – love of food, love of significant others, falling in love, maintaining love, loving your work, your family, your friends, finding out what you love, and finding love with others in society, too, as both women find they are loved and appreciated by people who love what they do. It is a great movie – thank you, Nora Ephron, for doing another film that clips along, is funny, moving, uplifting, and you learn something – about a slice of history (Julia Child’s) at the very least. The film is based on the books, ‘Julie and Julia’ by Julie Powell and Julia Child’s book, ‘My Life in France.’ Merryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina (who I’ve actually seen work in a class I was in and have never been more moved by someone’s work in class ever – therefore, I wasn’t surprised when he was so good and his character was so real, that I simply got lost in the reality of the film and forgot I knew him!), and all of the other actors were superb. Everyone I was with loved the film and we all give it enthusiastic thumbs up – WAY up! Guys have even been enjoying this film so it’s a great choice for co-ed outings…

To tie this into epiphanies, (you knew I had to do it, this is the EpiphanyChannel blog, after all), I spoke in my earlier blog about how Julie has an epiphany to write a blog and thus began her project that developed into a book and now this film. Well, in the film, it shows Julia Child also had an epiphany – but hers is more gradual – the epiphany that she is to cook and that is her ‘calling’ so to speak, is a more gradual process, but she realizes it and life unfolds from there. This film shows 2 kinds of epiphanies that I am noticing with my project – sometimes people have instantaneous epiphanies like Julie did: in one moment practically, she decided to do a blog and did it and it changed her and her life almost immediately. And then there are ones like Julia had where you are changing over time and the epiphany is when you realize that this has been happening and that you have changed which tends to give you a new perspective and way of approaching things in life. Both are epiphanies, just unfolded in different ways.

for the possible monday blahs…some trailers for upcoming films I think will be interesting…enjoy.

It’s Complicated, directed by Nancy Meyers, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin (Comedy)

2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, John Cussack (Action, Drama)

The Stepfather, Sela Ward (Thriller)

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