The Horse Boy Movie Opens This Weekend

I wrote about the incredible book, The Horse Boy, by Rupert Isaacson on July 30. The documentary that they were shooting as the story unfolded is now out. It is a MUST-SEE from everyone I know who has seen it. Rupert and Kristin (his wife) will be at several of the screenings. I cannot wait to see this & am very excited to say that I think it’s going to work out that I will have the opportunity to interview these amazing people! Let me know if you get to see it and what you think.

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  1. Wayne says:

    I saw the Horse Boy at the Magnolia in Dallas over the weekend. It is an exceptional film on a number of levels. First, they keep it real throughout. Despite some of the astonishing experiences witnessed, a reasonable degree of skepticism is maintained letting the viewer arrive at their own conclusions.

    It’s a true story about real people, of course, but is also a spiritual journey. That component of the narrative is consistently reinforced by the way in which the elements of wind, earth, fire, and water are woven throughout.

    Finally, there was the focal point: an autistic boy and his family. Thanks to the opportunity that the film provides to share their experiences, you come to contemplate autism not as a disease, but as a different way of experiencing the universe.

    If you believe that love and faith have the power to heal, this film provides supporting evidence of a power outside of us which is greater than our comprehension.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks for recommending it.


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