TIPS: TV/Music Launch Week, The Dr. Oz Show, Whitney Houston's Latest Album

These aren’t necessarily epiphany related subjects but I am going to start putting tips up on my blog…because tips are sort of like epiphanies – okay they’re more like discoveries about things that I think are fabulous, but you can have amazing revelations (ie: epiphanies) when you come across things that enhance your life, no? So the first tip will be about a couple of cool lauches that are happening...

The Dr. Oz Show launched yesterday – it’s syndicated so you need to check out when it plays in your area but if you like Oprah, and like seeing him and the wealth of information he shares on her show, you’ll love this show.

Dr. Oz was one of my first interviews for my book. I’ve produced several of his YOU! fitness videos that go with his books with Joel Harper and his wife, Lisa. (Joel even made me be in the Yoga video.) The Oz’s are the coolest, loveliest people and are doing such great work – they have an amazing non-profit called HealthCorps amongst all the other things they are doing. I thought this 4 minute piece on MediaWeek about the show was interesting, if you want to watch – he even mentions he’ll be dealing with epiphanies!
Also, another launch that happened this week (which is also related to Oprah oddly enough – she appeared on her show the last couple of days) is Whitney Houston‘s latest album, I Look to You – it’s been 7 years since her last studio album! I bought the album and really do love it. Especially the songs, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength (written by Diane Warren, btw, who’s committed to being interviewed for Epiphany), Million Dollar Bill and Nothin’ But Love. (I admit it – I have the strangest range of taste in music, everything from artists like Whitney and Jordan Sparks to alt groups like Bon Iver and Brian Jonestown Massacre…go figure…and if you don’t have Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago / Blood Bank – RUN, go get it – I don’t know anyone who’s heard them that don’t enjoy them … immensely.)
Next tip…jeans that make you love your genes…stay tuned…

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