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One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur is producer Orian Williams‘ (yes, another Epiphany Interviewee) latest film, and its hitting theatres this Tuesday, October 20.  Orian is also the producer of the fantastic award-winning film, Control, about the 80’s band Joy Division.  If you haven’t seen this film yet, I HIGHLY recommend it…I honestly think it is one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen.  I’ve known Orian for years but I had no idea he was the producer of that film and when I found out, I had to interview him for Epiphany.  His epiphany stories are some of  the greatest, most fun stories about serendipity and finding your calling that you will ever hear … I won’t give them away — suffice it to say:  a broken heart, a road trip, Robert Evans, and a random email woven into one big tapestry of synchronistic perfection and told in Orian’s unique, wonderful and funny voice, leave you laughing and gasping at the coincidences and happenings that occur in his life.  And Orian had even more stories like this…what I realized from talking with Orian is that he has serendipitous things constantly happening to him, and he always notices and follows the opportunities they present. He never ignores them or takes them for granted.  We all have serendipitous things happening to us but are we paying attention and seizing the opportunities that present themselves?   Orian does, and I bet if you ask him how this film came into being or how he got involved, he will have a wild, wonderful, magically serendipitous story to tell.  And I bet even bigger that One Fast Move or I’m Gone is amazing.

Here’s the information on the film and how to find it in a theatre near you…

In 1957 Jack Kerouac was a literary rock star, lionized by fans, but along with sudden fame and media hype came his unraveling.
Big Sur is an evocative account of a time in Jack’s life when he’d “come undone,” both emotionally and spiritually. He escapes to a cabin in Big Sur to confront his inner demons and find a modicum of peace by the sea.
The story unfolds in several synchronous ways: through the narrative arc of Kerouac’s prose, told in voice-over by actor and Kerouac interpreter, John Ventimiglia (of HBO’s The Sopranos); through first-hand accounts and recollections of Kerouac’s contemporaries, whom many of the characters in the book are based on such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Carolyn Cassady, Joyce Johnson and Michael McClure; by the interpretations and reflections of writers, poets, actors and musicians who have been deeply influenced by Kerouac’s unique gifts like Tom Waits, Sam Shepard, Robert Hunter, Patti Smith, Aram Saroyan, Donal Logue and S.E. Hinton.
The film also features stunning, High Definition visual imagery set to original music composed and performed by recording artist, Jay Farrar of Son Volt, with additional performance by Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.
The film will release on DVD and CD the same day as the premiere and the screening at the ArcLight is a one time event to promote the release, so if you want to attend, please go to for your ticket.or if not in LA the film is also playing in 50 other cities across the US, so please go to the following site for local listings. as well as to purchase the CD/DVD and more…

‘You go into your heart, find the things that keep you alive, the things that keep you motivated – those are the things that you are passionate about, those are the things you want to make your life about.’

– Orian Williams

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