Once in a Blue Moon…

We have a blue moon lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve this year.  A blue moon is when a second full moon happens in a calendar month.  Blue Moons only happen every two-and-a-half years on average, and this will be the first time since 1990 that it will coincide with New Year’s Eve. The event will not happen again till 2028.  According to Wikipedia, here is the schedule for the Blue Moons from now until 2015:

Two full moons in one month:[8]

  • 2009: December 2, December 31 (Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve)
  • 2012: August 2, August 31
  • 2015: July 2, July 31

This Blue Moon on Dec. 31 will be extremely powerful.  Full Moons are for releasing what you want to let go of – this one not only will be extremely powerful for that but also for manifesting your intentions for the upcoming year.  I would write down for this new year’s not just resolutions but really be specific about what you want to let go of and what you want to manifest for your life.

Also, you might want to consider a great tool I discovered this fall called the Vision Board or some people call it the Dream Board where you paste photos and words related to your heart’s true desires. I’d always heard about it but never really knew what it was or believed in it, but I had a feng shui expert tell me to do it and then several friends mentioned it at different times throughout the year and then I read about in O magazine or something.  Basically, when I heard about it for about the 6th or 7th time in 6 months, I finally thought, why not?  This is what I did:

Cut out images from magazines or create them of what you want in your life – no one else has to see this so it’s images of what things represent to you, it doesn’t have to be literal in any way as long as you know what the images mean to you.  You take the images and paste them on a red poster board like a collage (I also heard the things you want to let go of, put on the left side.  The things you most desire, put in the center and on the upper right.  I don’t know why or if this makes a difference, I just recently heard this – mine was not set up this way but I thought I’d pass it on…) so you paste all these images and words on the red poster board and then put it up so you’re seeing it at least once a day.  It’s nice to put it where you work and I have a place I can look at it while I’m in the bath.  Honestly, I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW FAST THINGS MANIFESTED THAT WERE ON THAT BOARD.  Wow.  I met and dated men that looked like the photos I had on there, I had created a dummy book cover of Epiphany and now I have a book deal, I got invited to a designer’s sample sale that happened to be on it, I met some of the people that were on it, etc…it was incredible.  I told my friend, Justine, about it so she did one and things happened super fast for her, too.  She wrote about it here.  For me, it is a wonderful tool to help you focus daily on the things you really want and get your brain prepared and clear about them – especially if you’re into setting intentions and bringing those into meditation/prayer as well.

Happy Happy 2010 – may it not only be the very best yet for you but may it mark the beginning of an incredible decade for us all!  Salud! Prosit! Cheers!

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Elise Ballard is the author of Epiphany! a book of inspirational stories, aha moments and exclusive interviews from Random House Publishing
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  1. sweetva says:

    Thank you Elise, for stopping by on your Texas leg of year end travels. I love the post about Blue Moon (not the beer) and vision board. Peace, Joy and Happiness to you and your readers in 2010

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