Epiphany – A Year in Review…

As I reflect on the past year, I can’t believe how much has happened, and I really can’t believe how much has happened just in the last few months and weeks with the Epiphany Project.

In August, we launched EpiphanyChannel.com and I interviewed author and producer, Andrea Buchanan, author and meditation expert, Mark Thornton, and race car driver, Ali Afshar.  In September, we finished and sent out the book proposal to publishers and I visited Texas and New Orleans and conducted interviews for Epiphany with Carol Lanning, Lawrence Wright and Roy Williams.  October was a huge month — I was in New York meeting with publishers and accepted a book deal from Random House/Harmony Books.  I interviewed fitness guru Joel Harper and actress and mother Rachel Blaylock.  Also while in NY, I experienced my first Bruce Springsteen concert where I’ve never seen so many people in one place from every age, type and nationality be so joyously affected by an artist.  It must be incredible to be Bruce and have that affect on 70,000 people at once – every single person there was dancing and singing to every song and was so happy!  My thought was as I looked around, ‘This has got to be great for the planet for this many people to be joyous all at once for a couple of hours straight!’  I’ve been to a lot of concerts and events but I’ve never seen anything like this — I always liked Bruce but I wasn’t a huge fan like some people I know – now I get it…adding him to the Wish List of people to interview!

The first day of November, I attended the Day of the Dead celebrations in downtown LA and got amazing interviews from random people on the street, and mid-month I went to San Francisco and interviewed one of my absolute heroes, Craig Newmark (the founder of Craigslist.org) and teacher, author and speaker, Srikumar Rao.

Just in the last couple of weeks alone, I have spoken to master acting coach Harry MastrogeorgeDeepak Chopra on his radio show (whose Stress-Free iphone application is incredible and I highly recommend his book, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription – very impacting information yet short and sweet  – more on this later); Annie Leonard of the StoryofStuff.com which you absolutely must check out if you haven’t already; and Rupert Isaacson and Kristin Neff of The Horse Boy project – all of whom have had epiphanies that in simply hearing about them have enhanced my life.   I can’t wait to edit them and get them out there…(btw, I do have photos and some video of the above mentioned events and people and will eventually get them up – one of my new year’s resolutions is to be better about updating this blog!)

Thanks for following and reading and for your support of Epiphany!  2010 is going to be an incredible year…

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Elise Ballard is the author of Epiphany! a book of inspirational stories, aha moments and exclusive interviews from Random House Publishing
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