TURKISH Epiphany Coming to a Store Near You!

That’s right. Just found out Epiphany is going to be published in TURKEY in TURKISH!  Yes, Elise, (they gently replied) it will be in Turkish. It’s so funny – you don’t think about people reading your book in say, Turkish, when you’re sitting at your desk writing, struggling, crafting, laughing, crying, shaping, birthing, (freaking!) that it might actually reach random corners of the earth in a completely different language.  Or at least I didn’t really…I mean, that has always been the dream, of course, but when it’s  actually becoming a reality – that the book is going somewhere that I’ve never been, that it might touch people on the other side of the planet…yes, it’s my first book and this is no big deal maybe to writers who have been around the block, but I still get moved when my movies sell so I probably will never get used to it and not be excited by this.  And it’s thrilling to start experiencing just how universal our epiphanies truly are.

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Elise Ballard is the author of Epiphany! a book of inspirational stories, aha moments and exclusive interviews from Random House Publishing
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