Get Thee to the Theatre – SEE UNSTOPPABLE!!

Just got back from seeing the best old-school, action, true-story, about real heroes who are alive right now in OHIO! (but the movie takes place in Pennsylvania where there are good film incentives) UNSTOPPABLE. Run to the theatre and take whoever because they will like it. Tony Scott, Denzel Washington, the lovely Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson and my dear friend, LEW TEMPLE, who plays NED, and sort of steals the film – they actually named a street in PA after him, yes it’s true. (Lew knows the real guys that the story is based on – fascinating – I want to call them up soon about their epiphanies to be sure.)┬áBut don’t just take my word for it, go read reviews…and then RUN, don’t WALK, to the theatre nearest you this weekend. You will thank me for making you look good for suggesting it to that hot date, your hard-to-please boyfriend/husband, your action-averse girlfriend/wife, your usually waits for cable father and/or scaredy-cat ┬ámother and anyone else who falls in between those genres cracks. Even kids can see it – it’s PG-13 and very clean, just action makes it PG-13 I guess – I don’t remember any cursing at all.

But whether you get to this movie or any movie (Harry Potter opened tonight – that scene was interesting) this weekend, wishing you a beautiful one!

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