First Times…Book Launch Day – Jan. 4, 2011…

Seeing Book in a Store for the Very First Time (a little teary but not too bad...)

First Book Table. Could not be more excited to be on this table surrounded by this kind of company.

First Time to Ever Sign A Book in a Store...I didn't do a book signing there but Barnes and Noble in The Grove in LA asked me sign books to sell & of course, I was thrilled to oblige.

My Beautiful, Hilarious, Brilliant Friends, Danielle and Stacey, Insist on Buying the Book...and took me out and made my first experience of seeing my book in a store as a first-time author so very, very special! What would we do without our amazing girlfriends?!

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  1. VA Stephens says:

    You look totally FOY IN A GOOD WAY!

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