Epiphanies of True Love & Romance…

Being Valentines Day and all and my being a hopeless romantic (sigh), I had to share these.

The first quote I read this morning online on Oprah.com in an article by Martha Beck and it just really struck me because quite frankly, I’ve never heard this before – that real love is enlightenment and ultimately freedom, not the opposite.

“Buddha once said that just as we can know the ocean because it always tastes of salt, we can recognize enlightenment because it always tastes of freedom. There’s no essential difference between real love and enlightenment. While many people see commitment as a trap, its healthy versions actually free both lovers, bring out the flavor of their true selves, and build a love that is satisfying, lasting, and altogether delicious.”
– Martha Beck

My “being struck” by this quote then suddenly brought to mind a business end-of-the-year newsletter letter I received in December. I saved it because I found this man’s public expression of his love, respect and admiration for his wife in the last paragraph of his newsletter so moving.

“Finally, I am deeply thankful of the good fortune to be married to Tara Mtuy.  After almost five years of marriage, she continues to put up with my busy schedule and keep up with every ongoing dream after dream, and project after project!  She offers much love and support. The ultimate definition of success in life is that your spouse loves and respects you ever more as the years go by.  By that measure, more than any other, I hope to be as successful as she is.”

Simon Mtuy, CEO
Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience
Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa

“The ultimate definition of success in life is that your spouse loves and respects you ever more as the years go by.” Michael Roizen has an epiphany similar to this in my book. He told me he had 2 greatest epiphanies in life – one professional, one personal. The second half of the interview is his personal one that has to do with his wife. I made sure I included it because as a self-diagnosed “hopeless romantic,” he and these others made me realize that in reality, it’s really not hopeless at all.

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