Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh…(Or The Day Funny or Die Saved My Life)

The other day, I was in a funk and in HUGE procrastination mode and was grudgingly going through my emails. As I forged down the list, I went ahead and hit Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project daily email to see what her quote of the day was. (I’ve talked about her book and site, The Happiness Project, on here. Huge fan. If you like smart, positive, funny, sort of quirky people and projects, check it out.) So anyway, I opened the email and I rarely follow her links on these daily emails because I go to her site often, but this morning I went because I didn’t want to do my other work. This led me to an entry where she said she loves videos and she puts a link to one of her favorites. Of course, being the incredibly efficient procrastinator that I am (I don’t mean to brag but I am perhaps one of the best in the field), I followed that link which led me to a cute, clean, harmless fun vid of Jewel playing a prank on Funny or Die. After I watched that one, I noticed Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis (yes, the weird, bearded guy from The Hangover) and thought, hmmm, I should check that out…and…SO funny. At least to me that morning. (And now actually.) And then that led me to Jimmy Kimmel…and so on, and so on, and so on…until next thing I knew, I looked up and over an hour had gone by. Yes, over an hour of me just screwing around when I have 10 million things I need to be doing. But I had been laughing. And you know what, I felt energized. And I wasn’t in a funk any more. And I proceeded to get a lot done for the rest of the day (eventually.) So, okay maybe my title is a little overdramatic – Funny or Die didn’t save my life, BUT it did save my day.

The moral of the story is this: when you’re in a funk and feeling discombobulated, try doing something or watching something that makes you laugh, something that absorbs you and takes your mind somewhere else completely. Truly, give it a rest. And if that means you take off 5 minutes or 60 minutes to watch mindless Funny or Die videos, so be it. Because sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

I added the vids below as well (and if you like those, here’s a link the classic and one of my all-time favs The Landlord by Will Ferrell.) Big thanks to Funny or Die!



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