The Nobel Peace Prizes: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know & More! Epiphany Channel exclusive with Geir Lundestad


In honor of the 2012 Nobel Prize Laureates being announced last week, we’re presenting our entire exclusive, candid interview with Geir Lundestad, the Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, that we conducted last year when we went behind the scenes at the Nobel Peace Prize. He answers all our questions about the Nobel Peace Prize: the background and history, how the Laureates are selected, the schedule and rules, the most controversial Laureates chosen, the greatest mistakes and omissions the Nobel Peace Prize has made, the epiphanies he has had about the Peace Prize and about the Laureates themselves in his 20+ year experience, and more…

Mr. Lundestad was lovely – insightful and funny – as was everyone involved with the Peace Prize. We had a blast visiting and attending all the events and being “behind the scenes.” Mr. Lundestad and his colleagues were the consummate hosts and Oslo is wonderful.

This year the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union (EU). Sometimes the Prize is awarded to organizations rather than individuals (ie: The Red Cross has won several times.) I feel fortunate to have experienced the Award Ceremony last year when 3 incredibly dynamic and inspirational women were honored.

We congratulate the 2012 Nobel Prize Laureates and wish them a wonderful and inspiring celebration in December and support the intention of the Prizes to honor the Ripple Effect of the work of the Laureates to benefit and positively affect us all.

The 2012 Nobel Prize Laureates:

The Nobel Prize in Physics: Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian K. Kobilka
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka
The Nobel Prize in Literature: Mo Yan
The Prize in Economic Sciences: Alvin E. Roth, Lloyd S. Shapley
The Nobel Peace Prize: The European Union (EU) 

– For more Nobel Trivia and Information and to find out more about our 2011 experience, you can go HERE and for more Nobel Prize videos & interviews, visit Epiphany Channel on YouTube.

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