Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The award-winning documentary (produced by Ridley Scott) about Epiphany Interviewee, Clive Davis, is out!

Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives is now available on iTunes for streaming and/or downloading. I’ve seen it on the big screen and it is so much fun. Watching this film, I was transported in time and and had an epiphany about how music can trigger such powerful memories and there really is a soundtrack to our lives, whether we’ve really thought about it that way or not.

You also get somewhat of a history lesson on the evolution of American music and music business from this film. Clive has had so much to do with all genres of music since the 70’s. I know Clive personally and didn’t even know about all the music and artists he was behind. The movie is a great, fun, quick way to get some background and history on rock, pop, hip hop and even country music. Plus, it’s funny, moving, full of music icons (Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Whitney Houston, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Alicia Keyes, to name a few) and you get a lot of insight about how to live a fulfilling life by doing what you love and being grateful for every minute of any good fortune that comes your way.

And even more fun (for me anyway) is when Clive talks about the life-changing moment he shared with me when he saw Janice Joplin at the Monterey Music Festival in ’69 and you get to see the footage from the festival and his “preppy clothes “ (aka: a white tennis sweater) he talks about wearing in it! Clive is an excellent example of building his life upon the genre of epiphany that I call the Callings. If you want to read about his greatest epiphany in life, go here

Clive is going to be appearing Wednesday, NOV. 1 on “Good Morning America” (ABC) with anchor Michael Strahan during the 8:45 A.M. (Eastern) segment. And on Friday, NOV. 3 on the “Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show” (NBC) on Friday night (11/3). So set your DVRs or watch it later online and definitely check it out on iTunes – and there is also a soundtrack you can get from the Soundtrack Of Our Lives…of course. Thank you, Clive!

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The Importance of Examining BELIEF


unnamed-1Our epiphanies reflect how we are all so very different and yet so very much the same.

That’s why I love that tonight, Oprah Winfrey and OWN are airing the first episode of a mini-series called BELIEF, a television series exploring faith and spirituality around the world that will air seven consecutive nights on OWN, from October 18 to 24, at 8 p.m. ET.

Like our epiphany stories, a program like this explores the aspect of humanity being made up of individuals who are incredibly unique with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, yet we all can relate to the truth and underlying meaning of any one person’s story, no matter who they are, what age they are, where they come from or what they believe.

What do you believe and why? Do you truly believe in yourself and in Life? What about the Life you’ve created and the people in it? To go deep and examine our own beliefs and why and how we’re going about consciously taking action on them is something that is imperative to living an authentic and fulfilling life.

Here are some exercises from my book to help explore and bolster BELIEF in your life. I encourage you to think about watching BELIEF on OWN this week or exploring other ways to go deeper in your examination of your own beliefs and what they mean and how they’re expressed in your life.

• We can strengthen belief in ourselves and the way life works for us. Become aware of the meanings/perceptions you are attributing to things. Are you slanted positively or negatively in interpreting happenings in life?

• Is there anything you would you like to have an epiphany about? Study/research/immerse yourself in those subjects—which might even be yourself. (Take some time for introspection.)

Self-belief is learnable. We can all develop and bolster our self-belief in numerous ways. Here are a few:

• Deal with the inner negative voice. Remember, that negative voice and talk wasn’t yours originally. Develop a practice of self-compassion. Act like your own best friend. (See Kristin Neff’s epiphany.) Do you catch yourself talking to yourself in ways that you would never speak to another person? What are some of the negative mantras you might be telling yourself?

• Reflect on your strengths and accomplishments. Also think about what your friends would consider to be your strengths. Write them down.

• Educate and immerse yourself in what you love and are drawn to. Seek out tools to help you develop your gifts and talents as well as help remove negative beliefs and blocks. These tools include books, classes, retreats, workshops, life coaches, therapists, religious and spiritual leaders/teachers, and groups you can join to develop your interests and receive support.

Have a beautiful week, dear readers and Don’t Stop Believin’!

Here’s a fun clip of Oprah talking to Stephen Colbert about BELIEF vs. FAITH.


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All-Natural Sleep Remedies That Work

7af18aed4f7e09cbfa40b94a77afb50fWho can have epiphanies if you’re so sleep-deprived you can’t think clearly? (and it definitely doesn’t add to our attractiveness factor…case in point to your left, poor guy.)

Have you noticed how many people are complaining about sleep problems? In my life, besides me, the people having troubles with sleep range from my mother in her 60s-ish ( “No need to define one’s age,” she says. By the way, so does Dr. Christine Northrup) to guy friends of mine in their 20s, so it doesn’t seem to be an age or a gender thing anymore. This blog is mainly for me to send to people who I end up telling about these sleep remedies I’ve found (that’s how many people I’ve talked to about this!) but I decided to make it public in case it’s helpful to anyone browsing around. Epiphanies and sleep are definitely related.

Understanding sleep patterns and interruptions is a different journey for each individual and if you’re having problems, please do research for yourself. It can be caused from many different things such as diet, cellular phone and electromagnetic radiation, sleep apnea, hormones, and stress, to name a few.

In the meantime, as you’re trying to get to the root of the issue, you still need those 7-8 hours of sleepy time and if you’re like me, you don’t want to take a drug to sleep. I tried Ambien – it gave me the worst hangover and I always woke up exactly 5 hours after taking it. So after months of research and supplements and trial and error, I’ve finally found TWO, that’s right, TWO all-natural sleep remedies that actually work!

Epiphany Central on the Zzzz…

1.) SOLID EIGHT by Herbalogic

Herbalogic_Solid_Eight_Herbs_for_Sleep_Insomnia_Sleeping_Issues_grande_9ef5b812-b5dd-47ac-b485-e3f53860aa50A Homeopathic Pharmacist at People’s Pharmacy in Austin, TX uses Solid Eight and told me about it. You take the prescribed dosage before going to bed and then if you wake up in the middle of the night, just take more according to how much longer you want to sleep. No hangover or bad side effects.

I’ve bought this at homeopathic pharmacies, online and at Whole Foods.


2.) DEEP SLEEP by Herbs Etc. 


This stuff is amazing. I learned about it at Whole Foods when I went to get more Solid Eight and they were out. The Whole Foods salesperson said this is their best-seller of “sleep-helpers” and I can see why. I take two before bed and usually sleep through the night.

Deep Sleep is available many places online (this link goes to Amazon) and at Whole Foods.






I’m not the only one talking about sleep helpers – one of my favorite podcasters of all-time, Mr. Tim Ferriss, has a blog + podcast devoted his Top 5 Tools He Uses for Faster and Better Sleep. They don’t include my remedies above so listen to it if you want recommendations of gadgets, eye mask + ear plugs, how to hang upside down, and tea. He also recommends watching an episodic television show or playing Tetris for 10 minutes, but I find reading is more effective. I’ll stay up later watching a show rather than if I read. Listening to an audio book or meditation is also super-effective for some people.

91hV5ciHLeL._SY679_Tim’s podcast reminded me about the tea that I’m never without anymore: Trader Joe’s Well-Rested Herbal Tea(It’s MUCH cheaper in the store if you have a Trader Joe’s near you.) I sleep more deeply when I use it.

By using these remedies – sometimes alone and sometimes together – I beat insomnia when it strikes and am always ready for my epiphanies!

Wishing you great sleep and the sweetest of dreams!


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Epiphany: How to Heal From “Takers”


You know what’s amazing? Most of the time when I go searching for epiphany-sparking or reaffirming pieces to post on my Facebook wall, I inevitably come across the thing I need to see/hear/embrace that day. (If you know me and my work, you know how much I love and embrace Serendipity.) I needed this one.

When someone takes and uses your ideas or work and doesn’t give you credit or compensation and even claims the credit for themselves, it’s so easy to let that deflate and cause you to feel unmotivated – not only to generate ideas but also to help and trust others.

But we can’t let that happen. We have to keep going. We have to believe that there are many wonderful people out there and not everyone is a taker. This particularly strikes a chord not only because of some of my own experiences but because of the meme below I posted that went way viral having to do with givers vs takers:

“Givers need to set limits because takers never do.”  57385db4b02f684f93f17a4be089e24a

The reaction to this was visceral. It seems to be a bit of an epidemic and I plan to write about my thoughts on it and some tips of how to deal with narcissists and sociopathic behavior later.

For now, one of the main things “I know for sure” is that  that we must continue to live what we want in our lives. (i.e.: Generosity, Honesty and Trust).

We just need to work on being more conscious and “pickier” about who we choose to hang around, work, and share (and possibly even live) with and start understanding and observing our boundaries.


1.) Start with looking at an instance of how you were “taken,” forgive yourself (because I know you’re beating yourself up about it) and let it teach you.

2.) Start getting super-clear and set intentions about the kinds of people you do want to work and spend your precious hours here with.

3.) Do what it takes to heal and trust yourself and others again – research, take classes, get in therapy, visit/talk to spiritual teachers and focus on your spiritual practice if you have one, read books, reach out and spend time with like-minded people you admire.

4.) Always be vigilant about embodying and ever-developing those qualities and attributes you most value.

Build your tribe. Develop yourself. Live the qualities you want to attract. Press on and thrive. (It’s the best revenge on takers anyway. )

EPIPHANY: Someone who takes without gratitude has shown you who they are. Their actions don’t change you, they teach you. They teach you boundaries, acceptance and to trust yourself.

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Epiphanies in the Zeitgeist: How to Coax an AHA!

Psych Today Cover -FBLive Happy EB


How do you coax an epiphany? Why should you take action on your epiphanies? What are some ways to spread happiness and well-being in the world?

Answers to these questions and a lot of other valuable information awaits in the cover story of Psychology Today and are part of the discussion in Live Happy Magazine this month. 

I’m honored that I was asked to weigh in for both articles. Both are highly informative and I encourage you to check them out.

I’ll also be speaking with Live Happy as part of their “Wake Up Happy” Campaign, April 13-17:

Beginning Monday, April 13th  through Friday, April 17th, Live Happy magazine is giving their magazine subscribers and database of connections the opportunity to listen to a 30-minute, upbeat, energizing interview with an accomplished, knowledgeable and inspiring expert. The discussion is going to center around the things the expert does personally to enhance his or her own happiness and insightful recommendations they have for others who want to live a more fulfilling and happy life. Each day a different expert will be featured for the 5-Day Wake-Up Happy campaign.

So make sure you go sign up and get connected with them if you want to participate!

I’ll also be speaking on Friday, April 10 in Dallas at a CONNECT event from 11:15a-1:15p. To join us or for more information, please email: 


Below are excerpts from the “epiphanous” magazine articles. 

From Psychology Today:

How to Coax an AHA!

To trigger an insight, the best strategy may be to try generating a preparatory state of mind. The idea is to lower your resistance to breakthrough perspective shifts, which often just means easing your grip on the wheel – concentrating on not concentrating, if you like. Here are nine approaches to laying the groundwork for an aha moment and helping it emerge. (Note: only ONE approach is below – go check out the article for the others!) 

Practice Taking Action:

Over the course of hundreds of interviews conducted for her book, Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight, Elise Ballard discovered that everyone has hunches, but they rarely become full-blown epiphanies because one of a few things happens: Noise drowns out the signals, we don’t take meaning from them, or we fail to act on them. Ballard concluded that each part of the process is a developmental skill: * We can listen better, trust ourselves, and take action even if we can’t yet see the whole picture. We all have little insights, she says. The difference is that some of us treat them as messages, almost as marching orders. 

* Patterns of Life-Changing Epiphanies: Listening; Belief; Action; Serendipity  (the link goes to the introduction of the book so you can read about them and more about these steps can be found in the new paperback.) 


Live Happy Q&A with Author/Writer 
and Epiphany Expert, Elise Ballard

(There is only a piece of this Q&A that appears in Live Happy so I’ve included the whole interview below for you.)

LH-How do you define happiness?

EB- Through my work, interviews and studies of epiphanies, I’ve discovered the basis of happiness could be defined in one word:

Fulfillment (n.): deep satisfaction as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

When you are living a life feeling for the most part fulfilled by your work/career, personal relationships (romantic, family and social life), and spiritual and/or creative pursuits and growth, you are energized by life instead of drained by it. When challenges come your way, because they do and will – no one gets out of here unscathed – you have a strength, baseline and support system to get through them. During the darkest times, you can still see beauty and maintain hope and a knowing that there will be “light at the end of the tunnel.” Likewise, when your moments of great joy and achievement happen, you are able to fully embody, enjoy and appreciate them. You also are energized to reach out into the world in bigger ways when you have a strong baseline of fulfillment, which cultivates even stronger feelings of fulfillment, love and moments of joy and satisfaction. To me, fulfillment is the deeper, grounded state of happiness. It allows for normal feelings and states of being such as sadness, grief and even anger, but at the same time you can still be fulfilled in life and get through those kinds of feelings and experiences more quickly and don’t get paralyzed or stuck by them.

LH- What can we do to help spread and foster happiness to each other?

1.) Smile. Look at people around you (instead of at your phone!) and look people in the eye when you speak and when you listen. People need and want to be heard. And this is big – truly listen. Master the art of listening. It will serve you in every area of your life and is one of the keys to living a fulfilling, successful life. It is also the first step of having an epiphany!

2.) A great question to ask people in your life- especially after listening to them tell you about a hardship or problem: What can I do to support / help you? (But if you ask this, mean it and follow up.)

3.) A sure-fire way to foster happiness in others is to notice something wonderful, fun, positive, attractive, GREAT and AMAZING about them and tell them so. I don’t care what anyone says, a sincere compliment and a smile can change a person’s life – if even for an hour or day but possibly forever. I know of many-a-life-changing epiphany because someone took the time to notice and express it.

4.) Work on your own personal levels and capacities of fulfillment, self-compassion and love. When you are in a positive, energized state of living, you will spread that loving energy and happiness on accident. You will affect everyone you come into contact with in positive ways.

LH -Why is important for people to act on their “Aha!” moments?

Our epiphany “aha” moments are what I call life’s wake-up calls. Whether you believe they are the Divine or our innate inner intelligence or both calling us to our greatest selves and paths, I guarantee if you don’t take action, life will call you a little louder, and then louder, and even louder still if you keep ignoring them…until you can’t anymore. That’s why a lot of people don’t have epiphanies that they take action on until they’re in absolute crisis. If you get into the practice of listening and taking action on your “aha” moments, you will find you are much more “in flow” and in alignment in every area of your life and you won’t need a major crisis to occur for you to create positive change in your life. The most successful people I’ve interviewed over the years in terms of fulfillment as well as those with great worldly prestige always listen to, believe, take action and honor their epiphanies and “aha” moments. Always. I believe taking action on our “aha” moments is key to living our best lives and helping others do the same, not to mention the major breakthroughs and the positive ripple effect they can eventually lead to for all of society. Please take action on your “aha” moments – if not for yourself, for your loved ones and the rest of us! 🙂


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