These are the People of Epiphany. Many of them are in the book and many of them have videos of them talking about their epiphanies. You will get some things in the videos that you don’t get in the book and you will get some things in the book that you won’t see or read about here. The videos and website are meant to compliment the book and vice versa, and we hope the website can be used as a resource to see the “behind-the-scenes” of each person’s epiphany and a way to further research some of the incredible things people are doing. They are arranged in alphabetical order and each page is set up so you see each person’s photo and quote about their epiphany, their video if they have one, a brief bio, links to their websites and organizations, and a section called “the interview” which is a bit of the background and my experience of the interview. We’d also like to point out that no one received any compensation to participate in this project. Each person here shared his and her stories in the pure spirit of generosity with me and now with you. Enjoy!