Wisdom is the application of knowledge . . . transforming the knowing into the doing.

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Gregory Wilson is a professional magician and mentalist who specializes in pickpocketing, cardsharking, shortchanging, and psychological deceptions. He has performed his “criminal act” in forty- three countries and is a consultant for the FBI, CIA, ATF, Secret Service, and Homeland Security. He’s also a two-time international award winner in the Magic Olympics (held every three years in Europe) and has released twelve bestselling instructional videos describing his original deceptions. Wilson also teaches a course in persuasion for corporations, called “How to Persuade People Like Magic,” and gives “Deception Detection” lectures in churches. He also exposes the underhanded techniques of politicians in a presentation called “Politricks.” He currently resides in Newport Beach, California. (

the interview

In December 2009, I visited the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood with a magician friend who is a member, and met Greg. When the conversation rolled around to my upcoming book, he said he’d had an extreme life-changing epiphany but gets too emotional when he shares it, so we should reconvene later. The gentleman definitely knows the art of enticement: I had to find out his story. We didn’t connect until months later but hearing about his crazy, amazing journey was worth the wait.