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Tracy Matthews is a New York-based custom jewelry designer. Her jewelry for years was found in fine retailers around the world and is still regularly featured in fashion and trade publications, TV shows and feature films. She was awarded the prestigious JCK rising star honor in June of 2007 and was recognized as one of Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion in September of 2006. Called a “jewelry visionary” by her clients, she is also an instructor of vinyasa yoga, another of her life’s passions.

the interview

We shot Tracy’s interview midday in her loft-type office in Soho in the middle of interviews, meetings and phone calls for her. It was hilarious because we kept getting interrupted and had a very small window of time, and she thought I was a bit insane when I arrived lugging my camera and tripod and audio equipment in my ripping black backpack! But we got her interview and it worked. Somehow it always does…