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The Project Trailer


Elise + Epiphany Channel


Oprah’s Life Class with Deepak Chopra




GW Bailey


Michael Bernard Beckwith


Stephen Bruton


Kate Milliken Parts 1-4


Andrea Buchanan


Christopher Lee


Anthony Meindl


Roly Gosling


Baracka Victor


David Hudgins


Esther Perel


Joel Harper


Kristin Neff


Rupert Isaacson


Rupert Isaacson + Horse Boy Foundation


Stacey Lannert


Nancy Ballard


Rachel Blaylock


Billie Myers


Carol Lanning


Craig Newmark


Elise Ballard – Behind the Scenes at Craig Newmark’s


Lawrence Wright


Lawrence Wright – “Taking Your Place” (re: Matthew Fox + Starhawk)


Lawrence Wright – Capital Area Statues


Lawrence Wright – Osama Bin Laden


Roy Williams


Bronagh Gallagher


Cherise Fisher


Harry Mastrogeorge


Tracy Matthews


Ali Afshar


Vin di Bona


Florence Horne


Ariane de Bonvoisin


Kamat, Massai Warrior


Day of the Dead


Nobel Prizes – Behind the Scenes


Elise Interviews 2011 Nobel Laureates


Interviews from Behind the Scenes at the Nobel Peace Prize


What All Peace Prize Winners Have in Common


Nobel Prizes – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Them!


Natalia Safran


Jen Pleasants


Betsy Heimann


Anthony Meindl’s Hollywood Book Launch Party


Original Epiphany Trailer


For Fun: Elise’s Award-Winning Movie: Lord of the Wiens